Integrating SCOM and ServiceNow has never been easier 



Native integrations between Microsoft SCOM and ServiceNow bring together the best of both worlds.

Populate your CMDB using your existing SCOM agents

The ServiceNow Discovery Connector extends your ServiceNow discovery sources into SCOM (System Center Operations Manager), allowing you to leverage the rich management pack discoveries and wide SCOM agent deployment to populate your CMDB with everything from servers and devices to databases, clusters, and services. All with no extra agents.  


Building a fully populated, accurate and up-to-date CMDB is a key goal of any IT organization. While ServiceNow gives you the CMDB platform, it remains a complex and time-consuming challenge to populate the CMDB with all of your infrastructure and application components.

Simply import the ServiceNow Connector management pack into SCOM and you’re ready to start discovering ServiceNow CIs from SCOM.              


  • Create or enrich CIs from any SCOM entities discovered from any management pack, including third-party packs such as Oracle and VMware.

  • Run discovery on schedules.

  • High availability out of the box by using SCOM Resource Pools.

  • Supports SCOM 2012 R2 and later, ServiceNow Kingston and later.

  • Fully compatible with other discovery tools (such as ServiceNow’s own Discovery tool)

  • ServiceNow best practice compliant – pushes CIs through Identification and Reconciliation so you don’t get duplicate CIs or introduce data hygiene issues.



Map complex Business Services with no extra agents, using SCOM

What if you could map your ServiceNow business services in a matter of minutes using the infrastructure discovery platform you already have?


Service maps enable you to relate infrastructure health with service availability, creating service awareness across all your IT operations, improving uptime and dramatically reducing MTTR.

  • How will maintenance on this server affect my users?

  • Why is end-user performance suffering on this service?

  • What’s the priority of this infrastructure alert?

All of these critical operational questions can be answered using service maps

Service mapping is often an expensive and time-consuming process:

  • MID servers or other probes need to be deployed across the infrastructure

  • Firewalls need traversing and security accounts configured

  • Significant time is needed from subject matter experts

  • Results are noisy and difficult to identify true application dependencies


Complete your mapping project ahead of time with no new agents to deploy, no new databases and no new security configuration.

Build accurate, understandable and actionable maps using our innovative Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) user experience.

Keep costs low by leveraging your existing investments in System Center Operations Manager.

This Mapping solution leverages your existing Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) agents to perform the data collection and combines this with an intuitive application diagramming experience that makes service mapping simple and successful.

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