SAP / ServiceNow ITSM Connector, Ticketing System

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ABAP add-on for SAP systems

Tickets creation in ITSM platform from the SAP UI

More functionalities of SAP Solution Manager ITSM 

Integrated with the most used ITSM platforms 

28% faster SAP incident resolution time

12% less incidents with SLA breach

Poor quality of tickets

  • SAP users often submit incomplete or incorrect errors

  • Novice SAP users often submit tickets that are user mistakes and not program errors

  • The problem may not be reproducible without all technical details so it is impossible to work in the solution

Too many incidents flood the service desk

  • The first level support still needs to handle the incidents

  • Each incident must be reviewed by the service desk team manually and determine if it is a duplicate or not

  • No matter how great your Knowledge Base is if your SAP users won’t use it  

Cumbersome ticket creation

  • All details must manually be typed in

  • Reporting an SAP via email, or a service portal may take a long time

  • Often tickets are passed between support groups multiple times until the responsible team is correctly set



Display relevant Knowledge Base articles in SAP GUI

SAP end users can resolve their problems on their own 

SAP users can create tickets with a few clicks from the screen where they encounter an error

A complete information package is set correctly to every ticket 

All ticket fields can be populated automatically based on rules 

Quick, simple ticket creation from the SAP UI

 Duplicate incidents can be linked with a Parent - Child relationship so closing them at once is much easier

The program notifies the SAP user about similar recently submitted tickets

Effective duplicate management

All relevant SAP details are attached to every incident along with screenshots, authorization reports, job logs etc so the service desk team can immediately start working on a solution

The ticket is always assigned to the relevant support group  

Faster ticket resolution time

Novice SAP users may only send error reports to your experienced SAP users who can act as the first level support

Let incidents be sent to the service desk

Integrated Knowledge Base search


Create tickets from SAP GUI and have all incident fields populated automatically based on rules you define. All SAP details are added to the incidents as attachments. 

An incident creation from SAP

An incident creation from SAP

The incident generated in ServiceNow

The incident generated in ServiceNow


Ticket System for SAP can integrate with most ITSM platforms on the market right out of the box



All SAP details saved in ServiceNow

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SAP incident dashboard in ServiceNow


ITSM Connector for SAP allows you to display any SAP details on ticket forms and analyze your SAP incident flow using a preconfigured dashboard.

Stores SAP-relevant data in ServiceNow tables like:

  • Affected SAP user details

  • SAP system details (database, application server, operating system, SAP components etc.)

  • Currently running program information

  • Screen field contents

  • Selection parameters

  • Call stack

  • SAP GUI type and version


ServiceNow incidents and change requests can be created from SAP GUI using this SAP add-on. All SAP-specific information related to the created incident is saved in ServiceNow.

SAP incidents dashboard

Dashboards for SAP incidents provide actionable insights for IT service management. It includes reports like:

  • number incidents overtime per SAP system grouped by priority

  • most frequently failing background jobs

  • most frequent dialog and background errors

  • transactions and modules with the most incidents

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