Performance Analytics and reporting at the scale of Walmart recap

For those who missed an opportunity to get engaged in the Knowledge 2020, organized by ServiceNow, here are the summaries of most amazing success stories that were possible to achieve by utilizing ServiceNow Platform for your business.

This is the story shared with us by Lisa Baremore about her experience turning static and inefficient reporting that was causing platform’s performance issues into a robust comprehensive Performance Analytics and reporting success at the scale of a very large organization – Walmart.

Walmart is not only an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores within the USA and internationally. It’s a family of brands and complex independent divisions such as Sam’s Club, Walmart International, and Walmart eCommerce, knowing the scale of the company it’s sad to realize that until mid-2018, the company was lacking governance on Performance Analytics and Reporting and faced inefficiencies and challenges when utilizing ServiceNow Platform. The company’s employees were not aware of all benefits and abilities of the Platform and foreseen it as a simple replacement of Remedy and just another bulky ticketing tool.

The perception of employees has dramatically changed when Lisa came into the company and started introducing governance on Performance Analytics and reporting as well as teaching the community how to use reporting and benefit from Performance Analytics. Lisa’s journey was quite tough due to negative perception of Walmart’s employees and huge inefficiencies of the reporting processes - employees used to assume that the easiest way to get comprehensive, meaningful reports was to export data in Excel, plus they heavily unutilized Performance Analytics and were stuck with static data.

While doing her root cause analysis of inefficiencies around reporting and Performance Analytics Lisa has encountered the following issues:

  • Users’ table consisted of more than 3 million records among them 17k users with PA/Reporting Power Users and Admin roles;

  • Work on reports creation/scheduling and Performance Analytics configuration was done in Prod and was never properly tested and verified in lower instances;

  • There were over 300 scheduled reports with high frequencies and duplications that caused performance degradation;

  • Value of Performance Analytics was heavily underestimated and its concepts misunderstood;

  • There were +5 incidents per month and always open HI tickets related to reporting and Performance Analytics.

Main benefits of Performance Analytics that were overlooked:

  • Snapshotting;

  • Trending;

  • Tracking of performance against targets;

  • Forecasting of future performance;

  • Comparison of performance for different time periods.

Misperception of Performance Analytics for stakeholders was in not recognizing how and whom Performance Analytics benefits. There are 4 stakeholders that are benefited from Performance Analytics the most:

  1. End-User due to transparency within all opened cases and created records;

  2. Frontline Worker due to the ability to efficiently and correctly prioritize work;

  3. Service Owner due enhance productivity;

  4. Executives due to comprehensive oversight they have;

Looking at all these findings Lisa created and implemented the following techniques to remediate the issues:

  • Created a set of Knowledge Articles to promote and clarify concepts of reporting and Performance Analytics;

  • Organized and implemented Performance Analytics tailored training sessions;

  • Introduced public to ServiceNow free resources such as Now YouTube, Now Learning, Now Community, etc.;

  • Build a team of dedicated SMEs who helped her to spread best practices among the organization.

At the Lisa had the following measurable results:

  • She reorganized roles and reduced the number of users with Reporting/PA Power Users and Admin Roles from 17k to 1058 users with evaluated roles, only 58 of which with PA roles across 11 teams. This approach allowed us to reduce the heavy load on Prod. Environment and eliminated risks of development in Prod.;

  • Number of reporting or PA related tickets reduced to 0-1 per month and HI tickets became less frequent;

  • Highest impacting scheduled reports were eliminated or adjusted;

  • 2308 total scheduled reports with no performance impact were reconfigured at the latest reporting period.

As well as not measurable results, such as:

  • End-User became excited with the tools;

  • New reporting users start to appear every week;

  • Teams started using the dashboard as their homepages;

  • Users started using trend reports in ServiceNow and left the idea to use API with Power BI;

  • Text Analytics use is growing and helps teams to find and address issues prior they become major incidents.

Looking at the depiction of measurable and non-measurable outcomes we can clearly see how one person was able to transform processes within a very large organization and benefit millions of employees.

To see the video please click the link below:

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